Inground Growbag production

Beginning in the spring of 2021 we shifted our production strategy to planting all field grown stock in fabric growbags. There are multiple advantages to growbags, including year-round harvest, reduced time and labor during digging, more trees per truck load, and less removal of native soil to name a few. Although planting is more labor intensive and time consuming, we feel the benefits are well worth the effort.

Planting season is here!

We have bean potting up liners in #15’s, #20’s, and #25’s. These include Ginkgo ‘Princeton Sentry’, Cercidiphyllum Hanna’s Heart, and Cornus x Celestial to name a few.

We have also begun prepping ground for our field grown material. This involves cutting out remaining trees for our designated blocks, removing stumps, and and tilling ground. February-May is always our most active time of the year!

Digging season is upon us

It’s already middle of October and many trees are turning bright colors and dropping leaves. We have started digging a few varieties now (Cercidphyllum, Cornus kousa, Stewartia pseu.). I anticipate within the next 3 weeks we will be able to dig all varieties. It’s the prettiest time of year in the nursery and it’s about to get much busier for us!